What are the limits?

Here are the things we limit for server stability.

Speed & Packet Hacking

Speed hacks are limited to a generous 36bps in the overworld and unlimited in the nether. Packet movement hacks are limited by a packet limiter.              

Nether Roof

The Nether Roof is disabled because fast travel on the roof can lead to a full disk. Additionally, disabling the nether roof promotes public works projects like the nether highways. 

Spam Solutions

An automatic anti-spam is in place for new members with less than 24 hours of playtime. Additionally, a select few unnamed players have mute ability to keep chat clean and usable.   

A community.

Though the server can be rude and somewhat demanding at times, it's a nice community. It's small enough right now to where most everyone knows each other. Don't worry, there's plenty of room for you to cause chaos and piss off other players.             

Donator Benefits

This server is not and will never be a pay to win (p2w) server. Donators who pay at least $5/month get a gold name in both the Discord and in game, VPN permission, colored chat access, and, more importantly, all the bitches.             

Unique duping system.

A good, reliable dupe is the basis of anarchy. Without it, it would be much more of a struggle to get and retain items to do projects and combat as most players like to do. For this reason, we've implemented a solution that keeps the server afloat and keeps the server's economy healthy. When you vote for AVAS, you recieve points. One point dupes one item. You can vote twice a day. These votes help to keep the server's flow of new players, and helps the economy.

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