What are the limits?

Here are the things we limit for server stability.

Speed Hacking

Speed and Timer hacks are limited to 48bps (blocks per second) when server lag is low, and 36bps when it is high. Excessive speed can lag the entire server, so we have to limit this.              

Nether Roof

The Nether Roof is disabled because fast travel on the roof can lead to a full disk. Additionally, disabling the nether roof promotes public works projects like the nether highways. 


We have a special command to limit spammers. Nobody likes them. If you encounter an annoying spammer, you can vote mute them with /vm. 40% of the server population also has to vote for the person to be muted for an hour.   

A community.

Though the server can be rude and somewhat demanding at times, it's a nice community. It's small enough right now to where most everyone knows each other. Don't worry, there's plenty of room for you to cause chaos and piss off other players.             

Donator/Voter Benefits

This server is not and will never be a pay to win (p2w) server. Donators who pay at least $5/month get a gold name. That is all. Votes create an economy on the server, however. Hold an item, vote for the server, and, like magic, your item will be duplicated.             

Preparing newfags.

While this server isn't easy, it's far easier in every way than 2b2t, 9b9t, and Constantiam. All of those mentioned servers have a more developed and destructive playerbase, as well as extremely strict anticheats. This server will help to prepare you if you decide to move on to big league anarchy servers.

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